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This website is proudly built without:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Third Party Tracking
  3. Cookies
  4. Hot Loading Third Party Assets


JavaScript is a dynamic programming language supported by all major browsers. Unfortunately, JavaScript has found as many avenues for ill as for good. To protect themselves from these maladies, browsers can be configured to refuse to run JavaScript. This can lead to errors or loss of functionality in some websites - but not this one!

By disabling JavaScript, you can be sure there is no malware or unwanted software running because you visited a webpage.

Third Party Tracking

Many website are built using “tracking pixels” and embedding interactions such as “liking”, “favorite-ing”, or “star-ing” from social media sites. These technologies are used to track visitors as they stop by the website, logging the time, device, location, and anything else accessible in a profile about the visitor. All of this just because you want to read about a non-profit association of veteran paratroopers. Unacceptable!

The tradeoff is visibility on visitors. This website cannot confidently say, “we get 1,000 unique visitors per month - more than 134 from the state of Idaho!”

This is an acceptable trade.


Cookies are pieces of text information a website asks your browser to store so it can later retrieve it. Sounds simple enough. As with everything on the web, this has been bent and abused to form a durable and malicious tracking system.

This website does not need to store anything about you, dear visitor. This website is to provide information, not collect it.

Hot Loading Third Party Assets

Websites are built using a number of resources - text, images, fonts, and scripts (no scripts here though!). These resources can be served from the same webserver that sends you the text, or they can be “hot loaded” from a third party. This means the web page loads and then says, “hey, grab these images from this other server over here, and grab the fonts from this other place over here, and grab this script from yet another server.” This leads to slower load times caused by increased round-trips to the network. Additionally, the third party servers are informed about your visit and the asset you are requesting. This can provide some coarse-level tracking data to that server.

This website serves all of its assets from its own servers. No third party is required for anything.

Privacy Policy

Additional details about how your data is handled can be found in the privacy policy.

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